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Maintenance to-do list for condo owners

If you've just purchased a condo, congratulations! You've probably just made the biggest purchase of your life. Now it's time to make sure you take good care of your investment. We asked Douville & Co, a Vancouver home inspection company, to give us their top regular maintenance items that all condo owners should take care of. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Maintaining reasonable humidity levels by the use of ventilation is important. This is achieved by using bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans appropriately. Window, piping or toilet condensation are signs of inadequate ventilation and high humidity levels in the home. Running bathroom fans for at least an hour after showering or bathing is considered good practice to eliminate the moisture build-up. Installing a timer control devices for the fan switches is also recommended.


Ventilation control systems are common in homes. They may be dehumidisat or a control timer device which will typically control the bathroom exhaust fan. The setting of the dehumidistat for the climate is usually between 40% and 50% relative humidity. Intermittent timer controls automatically operate the bathroom exhaust fan at selected intervals during a day.

Toilets require regular inspection. Toilet tank components can deteriorate which can cause excessive water usage, noisy operation, leakage and performance issues. Toilets can become loose over time which can cause water damage to the flooring and framing structure. Toilets can occasionally crack. If this occurs, then replacement is required.

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Bathtub and Shower Tile Enclosures
Caulking and grout in bathtub and shower enclosures should be checked every six months and improved as necessary to prevent leakage and deterioration behind tile wall surfaces. Applying tile grout sealant annually is also recommended.


Range Hood Backdraft Dampers
Range hood backdraft dampers can become inoperative due to grease build-up and binding on ductwork. This will result in range hood fan not venting to the exterior and cause moisture and odor build-up in the home. Make sure you regularly inspect, clean and lubricate.


Fixture Hoses/Supply Tubes
Fixture hoses or supply yubes can deteriorate, leak or rupture over time. Upgrading to braided steel hoses or supply tubes to fixtures is recommended. They are mcuh more durable.