I first ventured into real estate as a career in 1992. I then spent many years working for a Vancouver Island developer before becoming a realtor in Vancouver over eight years ago. With a business degree and several years managing high-performing sales teams, I offer a very well-rounded experience in residential real estate and the work ethic to do the best I can for my customers. I treat my clients' home or home-to-be as if it were my own.

Real estate is a bit like doing triathlons (something I passionately pursue, competing in Ironman Canada and the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii). In order to cross that finish line, you need a mix of endurance, agility and, most importantly, preparation. A lot of the success I have as a triathlete comes from meticulous preparation that includes seeking and relying on the expertise of others. Real estate is very similar. For many homeowners who are running their version of a race in Vancouver's real estate market, I've been the realtor whose expertise on which they've successfully relied. I'd be happy to be the same for you, as you sprint your way towards the finish line that is your next home.